Say hello to the future of hotel booking technology

Say hello to the future of hotel booking technology

Say hello to the future of hotel booking technology  

Personalised, powerful, precise  

Introducing Net Affinity’s booking engine, the newest technology on the market. Feature-rich, lightning fast and made for mobile, it’s everything your guest needs from their booking experience.  

59% of our clients’ revenue comes from mobile 

“Our new booking engine meets the increasing needs of our clients who have a high expectation that the products they use are safe, secure and well-integrated to their existing hotel tech stack. This is evident in the results that we deliver for our clients, including the fact that our leadership in mobile bookings is second to none.” - William Cotter, Managing Director. 


The future of booking technology 

This new piece of technology has been built from the ground up, with years’ worth of our knowledge and learnings applied. Hosted using the most modern cloud infrastructure and built around APIs, it enables us to artfully link all your tech together, propelling your systems toward extraordinary heights.   

“This investment in our technology is testament to our belief in the future of our business. Clients of Net Affinity feel safe in the knowledge that they are integrating the very latest booking system into their business.” - William Cotter, Managing Director. 


Handing over control 

We want to hand over complete control to your guests so their booking experience is everything they need it to be - from language and currency options to maximum search results flexibility, they will have it all at their fingertips. As well as this, our business intelligence dashboard will provide you with all the data you need to catapult your business towards success. 


The best service in the business 

Clients using our new booking engine have seen a 22% uplift in direct booking revenue 

With over 100 years of experience between them, we have developed a team of gold star-standard customer service experts - evident from our high client satisfaction and retention rate.  

We are extremely proud of the fact that we consistently increase our clients' direct business by delivering a world class service – something we are dedicated to continue doing with our new top of the range booking engine.  

Say hello to the future of hotel booking technology.  

Learn more about Net Affinity’s new booking engine here.  

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